Child Development

Comprehensive pediatric care, from newborns to young adults, is crucial at every stage of child development, giving young people a healthy start in life. Dr. Alejandro Montes, of the Montes Medical Group, specializes in pediatric care, providing parents with peace of mind as they set out on the exciting journey of raising a family. If you want to ensure that your child reaches their developmental milestones, we welcome you to schedule an appointment for pediatric care at one of our convenient Los Angeles locations.


What is Child Development?

Child development is the growth of children into young adults. This process involves several stages of development, both mental and physical. In order to facilitate a healthy growth rate, it is important to bring your child in for regular checkups. Some of the most common aspects we evaluate include motor skills, growth and nutrition, cognitive development, and more. For a proper evaluation, turning to an experienced pediatrician like Dr. Alejandro Montes is crucial.

Woman fixing her daughter's backpack straps

Why is Proper Development Important?

Proper development for children means that they reach their milestones at the appropriate times. Reaching these milestones is important because it prevents your child from developing diseases and helps them stay connected with their peers. Delays in cognitive or physical development can result in difficulties in school as well as mobility. By following your doctor’s lifestyle and nutritional guidelines, you can provide your child with the best start to a long life.

Facilitating Child Development

Our team at Montes Medical Group takes the health of children seriously. We want to do everything possible to ensure that your children grow up to be happy, healthy adults. Our offices are equipped with the latest in medical technology to help us properly test and monitor your child’s height, weight, hearing and vision, bone growth, mental health, and more. For comprehensive care at every stage of life, look no further than Montes Medical Group.

Child Development Services in the greater Los Angeles area

If you are concerned about your child’s growth and development, we welcome you to schedule a pediatric care appointment today. Our experienced staff can provide your children with a thorough evaluation to ensure that they are meeting their milestones. Montes Medical Group features four convenient locations across Los Angeles county. Find the location nearest you and schedule your appointment using the patient portal link below. We also offer virtual appointments.