When was the last time you heard of a case of measles or polio? Thanks to vaccines, these and other infectious diseases have been virtually eliminated in the United States among those who’ve been immunized. At Montes Medical Group, we believe that vaccinations save lives and help maintain the health of society. Our Los Angeles offices are equipped with the latest vaccines, from infant immunizations to flu shots for seniors. We also offer the HPV vaccine, Hepatitis vaccine, and other vaccination options. Schedule at your nearest Los Angeles location to learn more.


Are Vaccinations Safe?

There has been much controversy on this subject in recent years, but statistics bear out the necessity and safety of vaccinating children against potentially serious diseases that can have devastating effects over the course of their lives. Most side effects of vaccinations are minor and consist of redness, soreness, and swelling at the site of the injection. Fever has also been reported but usually clears up within a day or two. Allergic reactions are rare but do exist, and the doctors at Montes Medical Group will monitor this.

A little boy receiving an injection

How Do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines work by injecting low doses of foreign bacteria and viruses that trigger the body’s immune response, essentially mimicking the disease. The goal of these injections is to train your body to recognize and fight off certain diseases by producing antibodies that prevent the disease from taking hold if the body is exposed in the future. For some of the vaccines, a one-time vaccination produces a satisfactory immune response that will last through adulthood. Several vaccines require follow-up boosters throughout the lifetime.

What Is the Benefit of Vaccinations?

Vaccinations help society overcome serious diseases that were incurable in the past. They also prevent widespread illnesses from taking over and affecting a lot of people. On an individual level, proper vaccinations can help your body withstand diseases, in some cases for the duration of your life. Even an annual flu vaccine can minimize the toll the virus takes on your body should you get sick.

What Are the Necessary Vaccinations?

A typical vaccine line-up for children and young adults aims to prevent diseases such as polio, tetanus, hepatitis, rubella, and Hib (Haemophilus influenza type b). Along with offering these vaccinations, we also provide vaccines that address the flu, measles, whooping cough, Pneumococcal disease, HPV, and more. It is recommended that you and your children get vaccinated in order to prevent the onset of these diseases and minimize their spread.

Vaccination Appointments in the greater Los Angeles area

Montes Medical Group offers vaccination services for both children and adults. If you are interested in getting a vaccine, we invite you to get in touch with one of our Los Angeles offices today. To get started and schedule your appointment, find the location nearest you and use the patient portal link below. We also offer virtual consultations.