Family Medicine

While some conditions require specialized medical visits, general checkups and guidance are better left to family physicians. At Montes Medical Group, we believe in providing our patients with comprehensive family medicine services. These include annual checkups, testing, and the personalized care you can expect from a medical professional. Whether you are interested in the overall status of your health or have a specific concern you would like to address, our doctors can give you the care you require. Find your nearest Los Angeles office and schedule a consultation today.


What Is Family Medicine?

Typically, family medicine is exactly what it implies. From pediatric care through geriatric care, family medicine treats both genders through all stages of life. What sets this medical branch apart is the long-lasting relationships that form between doctors and patients. Having close connections helps facilitate the maintenance of good health and makes it easier for doctors to spot problems in patients. Family doctors understand the history of each patient and have comprehensive records at their fingertips.

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What Are the Conditions That Are Treated?

Due to the huge scope of family medicine, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to addressing a patient’s needs. Generally, doctors who practice family medicine are primary care doctors and, as such, integrating biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences into their patient care mindset. This three-pronged approach is important in evaluating a person’s overall health, which is why family doctors are better able to manage preventive care and chronic conditions. Some examples of the many conditions a family doctor can monitor and manage include:

  • Genetic issues
  • Cancer
  • Blood diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis

Does Family Medicine Cover Everyone of Any Age? 

Yes, family medicine is made to address the health of the whole family. Both elders and toddlers can expect to receive the proper care they require during a consultation. The treatments and evaluations conducted at our offices are made to take age into account. Each visit is made personal to ensure that you are getting your needs met.

Why Schedule Annual Exams?

Scheduling annual physical exams at one of our Los Angeles locations can help you monitor your health and ensure that you are doing all you can to remain healthy. While an annual visit is sufficient for most, some people may require more frequent visits depending on their specific conditions. During your consultation at one of our offices, we will determine the frequency of care you need.

Schedule Family Medicine Appointments in the greater Los Angeles area

If you’re looking for a family doctor for health advice and evaluations, get in touch with our team at Montes Medical Group today. Our Los Angeles offices feature the latest technology and are staffed with experienced medical professionals ready to help you take control of your health. To get started and schedule your appointment, find the location nearest you and use the patient portal link below. We also offer virtual consultations.