Common Cold and Flu

Though often lumped together, the common cold and the flu are actually two distinct illnesses. While head colds often present symptoms of a stuffy nose and cough, influenza takes a few steps further. If you are struggling with fatigue, muscle aches, or a fever, it is important to schedule a doctor’s appointment and determine the cause. This is particularly true for geriatric patients with chronic health conditions. At Montes Medical Group, we provide comprehensive treatment options for those struggling with both serious and minor illnesses. If you believe you may have a cold or the flu, we welcome you to schedule a consultation at one of our Los Angeles offices.


How Did I Get Sick?

One of the most common ways people contract the common cold or flu is through contact with someone who is already sick. You can also get sick by touching your eyes or nose after you touch surfaces with germs on them. Symptoms of these illnesses usually begin 2-3 days after infection and can last anywhere between 2-14 days. Washing your hands frequently and staying away from people who are sick can help you remain healthy.

Man blowing his nose into a tissue

How to the Prevent Common Cold and Flu

The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a yearly flu vaccine. Along with this, practicing good hygiene habits like washing your hands can minimize your chances of getting sick. Lifestyle habits such as getting enough sleep and eating right help you maintain the strength of your immune system and help you remain healthy.

How Do We Address the Common Cold and Flu?

In most cases, over-the-counter medications can ease common cold and flu symptoms, making the illnesses much easier to bear. Most people who get sick get better on their own. However, if your illness persists longer than 10 days, antiviral medicines may be necessary. These medicines can make the illness milder and shorten the time you are sick. They also can prevent serious flu complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia. At Montes Medical Group, we can provide you with treatment and medication if you need fast relief from your symptoms.

Treating the Common Cold and Flu in the greater Los Angeles area

Cold and flu symptoms can be addressed with proper at-home care and appropriate medications. If you are feeling sick, don’t wait, get in touch with our team at Montes Medical Group today. We can be found in four convenient locations across Los Angeles county. Find the location nearest you and schedule your appointment using the patient portal link below. We also offer virtual appointments.