Office Policies

Please review the following guidelines to improve your medical care experience. All patients have the responsibility to:

Provide Proof of Insurance Coverage

If applying insurance coverage to the day’s visit, please be prepared to present a valid insurance card and photo identification at registration. New patients will not be seen without this documentation.

Provide Payment According to Insurance Policy

Most insurance plans require that a co-pay is paid at the time of the office visit. In addition, many insurance plans require that a deductible is met before the insurance is applied to services provided. Please come prepared to make all appropriate payments by cash, check, or credit card at the time of your exam. Accounts paid by check with non-sufficient funds will be assessed a $20 penalty, and patients owing money towards their deductible will be expected to make a $75 payment at the time of service.

Presence of Legal Guardian

A legal guardian must be present throughout the exam of all patients under 18 years old. If a legal guardian is unable to attend, a letter signed by the legal guardian naming an authorized adult chaperone must accompany the minor patient at every office visit. The letter must note the patient’s name, the date of service, the authorized adult’s name, and any limitations on the scope of treatment provided in the guardian’s absence. The authorized adult will be expected to provide photo identification upon check in. Legal guardians must be present for physical exams and the administration of immunizations in the event that an unforeseen adverse reaction occurs.

Sensitive Services & Minors’ Rights

California law requires doctor’s offices to provide adolescent minors with protected services, such as pregnancy testing, STD testing, contraception, and drug and alcohol abuse counseling, in a confidential manner. By law, even the minor’s legal guardian(s) do not have permission to review this information without the minor’s consent. Montes Medical Group is committed to complying with all laws and regulations imposed by state agencies, health plans, and governing boards. For further information, please reference

Contact and Insurance Information

To properly process referrals and other medical requests, it is important that you notify our receptionist of any change in your phone number, address, and insurance plan information as soon as it occurs.

Arrive Ten Minutes Early

By arriving early, we are better able to process your registration information and treat you at your appointment time. 

Vaccine Records & Medication Containers

Please bring your child’s yellow immunization record at the time of their annual physical exam. This form shows our providers which vaccines your child needs to maintain good health. Also, please bring the containers of all medications you currently take to your next appointment. This helps our care providers avoid duplicate prescriptions and harmful drug interactions.

Focus on the Patients in Need

To accommodate all of our patients in the waiting area and allow our doctors to focus on the patients in need, please limit the number of family and guests that attend your next appointment. Only the patient and a legal guardian will be allowed in the exam room.

Cell Phone Use

To accommodate our patients as promptly and effectively as possible, please refrain from speaking on cell phones while in the waiting and exam rooms.

Unscheduled Appointments

We understand that illness often occurs unexpectedly, but we must respect the appointments of our scheduled patients. Same day appointments will be seen based on that day’s appointment availability. Your insurance coverage may provide access to walk-in urgent care services for a small co-pay. Speak with our receptionist for more information.

Late Arrival Policy

If you running 10 or more minutes late for your appointment, we may need to move your exam time to maintain the appointments of those patients scheduled behind you. Please understand that we will make every effort to treat you that same day, but high office volume may require that we reschedule your appointment to a later date.

Eating and drinking in the office

Please help keep our office clean by finishing all food and beverages before entering the building.