Diabetes Management

Living with diabetes can feel like a terrible burden. Worse still is developing the disease and being unaware of it until serious complications arise. In order to effectively diagnose and manage this condition, scheduling regular doctor’s appointments are essential. At Montes Medical Group, we provide diabetes management by helping you create a comprehensive plan that can give you control over your condition. Effective management includes more than just medication, our doctors understand that and are ready to help you with lifestyle advice, nutritional guidance, and other supportive services.


What Puts Me at Risk for Diabetes?

The biggest factors that contribute to the development of diabetes are your lifestyle and genetics. Those who have a family history of diabetes are likely to inherit the condition. Combined with poor nutrition, the symptoms of diabetes can begin to present themselves quite early. Those who do not have a family history may still get this disease by neglecting diet and exercise. If you believe you may have diabetes, we welcome you to get in touch with one of our Los Angeles offices to get the testing you need.

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Is Insulin the Only Way to Manage Diabetes?

Diabetes management goes far beyond simply using insulin. Your diet is one of the most important factors in your care plan and must be carefully monitored and regulated. The foods you consume help create calories and fuel your body needs to survive. Different types of food are utilized in different ways and are broken down at varying rates. Simple carbohydrates are broken down quickly and provide a flood of glucose to the bloodstream which results in a quick burst of energy. Complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, break down slowly and provide sustained levels of glucose. That produces sufficient energy levels that help you function throughout the day. Our doctors at Montes Medical Group can determine how you can regulate your diet to minimize the symptoms of diabetes.

Why Are Regular Doctor’s Visits Necessary?

Regular visits to one of our Los Angeles offices can provide you with information regarding the status of your illness. We can help you determine whether or not the steps you’re taking are effectively addressing your condition. If additional management is required, we can provide you with the necessary guidance to gain greater control over diabetes. With help from your provider, you can significantly minimize the effects this disease has on your day-to-day life.

What Does Diabetes Management Entail?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition with devastating results if it isn’t managed effectively. That is why our physicians will provide you with a thorough evaluation and discuss the most important components of successful diabetes management. Living with diabetes requires:

  • Constant and careful monitoring.
  • Dietary and nutritional support.
  • Regular exercise or moderate levels of physical activity.
  • Knowledge of the disease and the medications used to treat it.
  • Ability to accurately measure and consume/inject the proper medication dose.

Diabetes Management Services in the greater Los Angeles area

For effective diabetes management services, look no further than the medical team at Montes Medical Group. We have four convenient locations in the Los Angeles area, each ready to give you the help you need. To get started and schedule your appointment, find the location nearest you and use the patient portal link below. We also offer virtual consultations.