Identifying and addressing diabetes is essential to maintaining your health. Those who struggle with this disease run the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, having foot damage, having kidney complications, and a slew of other health concerns. At Montes Medical Group, our medical staff is here to provide you with effective solutions for diabetic management. If you live in the East Los Angeles, Whittier, Inglewood, or Norwalk areas of California, our staff encourages you to take control of your diabetes by making an appointment today. Get in touch and explore our chronic illness management services.


What Are the Types of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a multi-layered disease that can be broken down into several categories. This illness often begins as prediabetes, a condition where your blood glucose is high but not quite at severe levels. Without proper treatment, this condition can progress into full-blown Type 2 diabetes. There is also Type 1, which is a genetic disorder that usually appears in childhood. With Type 1, your immune system attacks the body’s own insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Without insulin, sugar quickly builds up in the blood, which is why those with Type 1 diabetes must monitor their blood glucose carefully and take insulin when necessary.

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What Are the Symptoms?

Poor or improper management of Type 1 can lead to a coma or even death. With Type 2 diabetes, symptoms may not become obvious until you are at great risk. Immediate symptoms can include blurry vision, tingling or numbness in the extremities, and fatigue. Long-term consequences of Type 2 can include cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, nerve damage, eye damage, hearing problems, and in some cases, even foot or leg amputation. A family history of Type 1 can put you at greater risk of developing the disease, as can exposure to certain viral illnesses, especially at a young age, and the presence of diabetes autoantibodies. Risk factors for Type 2 include being overweight, low activity levels, age, a family history, and ethnicity.

How Do We Address Diabetes?

Along with helping you manage your insulin intake, our providers at Montes Medical Group can help you adjust your diet and ensure you get the nutrition you need for optimal health and well-being. We can also provide you with exercise and lifestyle management tips to help you regain control over your disease. If you are ready, we welcome you to get in touch and explore our healthcare options.

Diabetes Treatment in the greater Los Angeles area

If you struggle with diabetes or think you may be at risk of developing the disease, we can provide you with the help you need. Montes Medical Group offices can be found in four convenient locations across Los Angeles county. Find the location nearest you and schedule your appointment using the patient portal link below. We also offer virtual consultations to provide you with guidance in the comfort of your home.