Summer Fun for Kids: Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Season

It’s the end of another school year for millions of children across the country, all of them eagerly anticipating their summer break. It’s a time to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break from their demanding daily school schedule. For parents and guardians, the summer months are a great time to provide children with fun, healthy, and enriching activities. It is also an ideal time to spend more quality time together as a family, both at home and outdoors. 

With some planning, summer fun can also be educational for kids. They have more time to explore new places, new activities, and new interests that they may be particularly drawn to. So what are some fun and healthy ways for kids to enjoy the summer season? 

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Creating a Summer Routine

School schedules might be on hold, but that doesn’t mean daily routines need to be thrown out. Although the summer season is a time for fun, maintaining a balanced routine can keep children stable and make it easier for them to transition back to school when the time comes. 

For example, ensuring sleep schedules stay on track can be very beneficial during these months. Kids should be encouraged and supported to keep a consistent bedtime and wake-up time that ensure they are getting all the rest their growing bodies need. Daily routines can also incorporate a variety of activities to manage time and reduce boredom. Calmer and quieter activities such as reading, meditation, and stretching can be a great addition to a child’s summer schedule. 

Fueling Summer Fun with Healthy Foods

child eating watermelon

Keeping active and energetic children fueled up with healthy foods is very important for their well-being. There’s nothing wrong with having summer treats such as popsicles on occasion, as long as daily meals are well-balanced with nutritious ingredients. Healthy snacks such as fruits, yogurts, and nuts are great options. 

Refreshing water with infused fruits and herbs can also make it more fun to stay hydrated in hot weather. Allowing children to help prepare healthy and balanced meals is also a great way to teach them about nutrition. Doing so can be helpful for time management and daily routines as well. 

Enjoying Outdoor Activities

child at the beach

Providing the opportunity to play outdoors is very important for children, especially when so many of them could easily spend hours in front of screens. There are a lot of fun summer activities for them to enjoy, such as swimming, biking, riding scooters, or playing soccer. Families can also explore local trails and discover new places together to create some quality time. 

Parents and guardians can look for local activities offered for children during the summer break. There are often many summer camps and programs offered through city initiatives at a low or no-cost basis. Local parks are also a great place to find playgrounds, splash pads, and biking paths that are safe for children. Gardening is also a very fun way to engage kids during summer break, as they enjoy planting seeds, watering plants, and watching as their plants grow everyday. 

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

mother and child in the kitchen

Indoor activities are also an important part of a child’s summer break, especially when it might be too hot to play outside. Parents and guardians can collect fun indoor crafts and projects that kids can both enjoy and learn from. For example, an arts and crafts station with paint, glue, markers, and stickers can help kids explore their creative sides and develop fine motor skills. 

Cooking and baking foods together is also another great way to spend quality time together while also teaching children how to create meals. Some easy options include making pizza, fruit salad, or chocolate chip cookies. It may take more time and patience to cook with children, but it can be worth it to have them learn new skills and enjoy time with their family members. 

Summer Screen Time & Reading 

Managing screen time for children can be important for parents and guardians looking to keep them engaged in a variety of healthy activities during the summer months. Families can work together to decide what amount of screen time is best for their children and also encourage their kids to use educational apps and games when they are using screens. This way, children can actually learn things they have been wanting to understand better while they have a break from homework and other educational demands that arise during the school year. 

Reading and storytelling are also wonderful activities for the summer months, with many libraries offering summer reading programs with rewards. Children can also be supported to form book clubs with their friends and have interesting discussions about them afterward. Storytelling on their own is also so much fun for children, and it encourages them to be creative and use their communication skills. 


child in the air

As you can see, there are so many fun and healthy activities for children to enjoy during their summer break. Parents and guardians can help their kids establish helpful daily routines, explore the outdoors, read, and spend quality time together with their loved ones. With just a little planning and initiatives, families can help ensure their children are getting an enriching, fun, and healthy summer break from school!