Arthritis: Tips for Preventing and Managing Unwanted Symptoms

People living with arthritis know the many painful symptoms this condition can bring about in the human body. Arthritis occurs when our joints become inflamed or stiff over time. This can cause pain, swelling, and a loss of mobility in certain joints throughout the body. People can develop one of many different kinds of arthritis as well, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. These conditions usually occur in older adults and can be managed with various treatments. 

Although it is unlikely for someone to completely prevent arthritis from forming, there are things they can do to cut their risk of developing this condition. For those that already have arthritis, certain changes can also help mitigate unwanted symptoms and improve overall well-being. The key is to reduce unwanted pressure and damage to the body’s joints. Keep reading to learn more!

Keep a Good Posture

In order to keep pressure and unwanted strain off our joints, it is important to maintain a healthy posture. People who constantly have bad posture place an abnormal amount of chronic stress on their body’s joints. Doing so makes it very difficult for muscles to alleviate pressure from the joints throughout the day. 

To ensure a good posture, stand up straight and tall with your shoulders back. Your head should be level and in line with your body, with your abdomen pulled in. It is also important to create an ergonomic work environment for those that sit at a desk all day long. 

Avoid Excess Weight

Just like bad posture can strain our joints, so can excess weight that we have to carry around. Being overweight puts a lot more pressure on the body’s joints, especially those around our knees, hips, and spine. In fact, being just ten pounds overweight puts an extra 15 to 50 pounds of pressure on your knees. This makes it more likely for osteoarthritis to develop or exacerbate symptoms for those that already have the condition. 

Adopting a healthy diet filled with nutrient-dense foods can help prevent unwanted weight gain. Keeping ultra-processed foods and sugary drinks out of the body can also go a long way in reducing excess weight from collecting on the body. 

Protect Your Joints 

People that have more injuries tend to increase their risk of developing arthritis in damaged areas. This is why it is so important to avoid getting injured as much as possible by either wearing protective gear or not participating in dangerous activities in the first place. Making sure to lift with our knees and hips is also critical to avoiding injuries related to the back. 

Incorporating exercise and activity into our daily lives is also a great way to protect our joints. A person only needs to exercise for half an hour five times a week to ensure joints and muscles are strong and flexible. Low-impact exercises are particularly helpful in this regard and include activities such as walking, riding a bike, and swimming. 

Get Regular Check-Ups

Getting regular check-ups at your doctor’s office is also very important for maintaining healthy joints. This is because healthcare providers are able to identify any early signs of arthritis and prescribe treatments that can help manage symptoms or slow the progression of any condition that may already be present. Your doctor can also help identify positive lifestyle changes that can help in this regard. If you or someone you know is struggling with joint pain, inflammation, and difficulty moving, it may be time to come in for a consultation.


In conclusion, there are many great ways to prevent or reduce unwanted symptoms that come with arthritis. It is critical to avoid doing things that put excessive strain on the joints in the body in the long run. Eating a healthy diet and exercising can also help strengthen the joints and muscles in ways that can reduce arthritis risk and unwanted symptoms from developing. Make sure to always protect your joints and see your doctor regularly to catch any early signs of arthritis before they get worse. 

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