How to Have a Safe Halloween During the Pandemic

October is here and that means it’s almost time for Halloween! Children and adults across the country love this holiday and look forward to celebrating it as one of the most fun nights of the year.

Although we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean that Halloween fun has to be canceled or put aside for another year. By getting a little creative and taking reasonable precautions, everyone can still have a wonderful night with their friends, families, and neighbors. 

Even though experts agree that kids can safely enjoy Halloween this year, many parents are still nervous about COVID-19 risks and the Delta variant in particular. With many children and teenagers still unvaccinated, many parents wonder if it’s better to just skip Halloween and stay at home. 

Thankfully there are safe ways to join the fun, and the risk of COVID-19 transmission from candy wrappers is low. So what are some safe ways for people to celebrate and participate in Halloween this year? Keep reading to find out! 

Wear a Mask

Mom putting a mask on her daughter's face

With younger children still not eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, it is critical that they wear masks to avoid raising their risk of getting infected. This is especially important at any indoor trick-or-treating or other Halloween events, where unvaccinated individuals may be present and actively spreading the COVID-19 virus. 

Parents and adults should also wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status, when interacting with other people or attending indoor parties. For any adults that are giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, wearing masks is also very important. 

The good news is that both parents and kids can find creative ways to incorporate masks into their costumes. Masks can also be worn underneath a costume if preferred. In either case, it’s important to ensure the mask wearer can breathe easily and is comfortable throughout the night. 

Wash Hands Often

Another great way to stay safe during Halloween is to regularly keep hands clean and sanitized. Parents should help their children wash their hands when they come home from a night of trick-or-treating, especially before they start eating the candy that they collected. Washing hands regularly can also help prevent other germs or illnesses from spreading or infecting children and adults. Hand sanitizer is a great tool to use when walking around the neighborhood and washing stations may not be readily available. 

Attend Outdoor Events

Spooky image of a cat's silhouette against a bright orange moon

Gathering outside is always safer during the pandemic as the risk of spreading the virus significantly goes down. Outdoor events are usually abundant around Halloween and include many fun things to do such as:

  • Pumpkin patches
  • Corn mazes
  • Zoo visits
  • Parades
  • Backyard parties 

Search for fun events in your neighborhood that your local park or community may be organizing. Regardless of what type of event you attend, keep social distancing in mind and try to maintain a safe distance from others whenever possible. 

Have Fun at Home

For those looking to stay at home for Halloween but still celebrate and have fun, celebrating with family at home can be a great option. There are plenty of fun activities to choose from that both kids and adults can enjoy. For example, pumpkin carving and decorating can be done at home and give families a creative way to join in on Halloween fun. 

For the little ones, parents can create a mini scavenger “haunt” in the backyard by hiding treats around the yard. To kick it up a notch, throw in some spooky lighting, music, and decorations to make it feel like a proper Halloween activity. 

For something more relaxing, have a Halloween-themed dinner and costume night with your loved ones. After everyone’s done eating, plop down on the couch and watch a fun or scary Halloween movie that everyone can enjoy. 


Hand making Halloween decorations

As you can see, there are so many great ways to celebrate Halloween despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By taking some precautions and reducing transmission risk, both children and adults can enjoy this fun-filled night safely. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 



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