Fun & Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Spring Season

After a cold and rainy winter, many of us are excited to get outside and enjoy the season of Spring. We can all look forward to warmer weather, making it easier to spend time outdoors and participate in many fun and healthy activities. 

Doing so is very beneficial for our health, as getting outside can reduce our anxiety levels, improve sleep, boost immunity, and even provide us with more vitamin D. The best part is that you don’t even need a gym membership or any sort of special equipment to reap these benefits. 

Fortunately, Southern California and the Los Angeles region are full of options for choosing an outdoor activity. There are so many incredible hiking destinations, farmers markets, nature trails, beaches, and scenic locations to visit and explore. 

So what are some fun and healthy activities to enjoy this Spring season? Keep reading to learn more! 

Plan a Family Picnic 

friends and a dog having a picnic

The Spring season is a wonderful time of year to plan a picnic with friends and family. With the warm weather and blooming flowers, taking the time to eat outdoors can make for a beautiful and fun outing. There are plenty of gorgeous picnic spots across Los Angeles that offer amazing views and relaxing vibes. 

Here are a few options for picnic spots in the LA area: 

Go for a Beautiful Hike in Nature

two women hiking

Hiking is a great way to get outside, boost cardiovascular health, and decrease stress levels that may have built up during the week. Spending time in nature can be very healing for people of all ages, and hiking together is a great way to catch up with loved ones and spend some time in conversation. During Spring, hiking trails have all kinds of beautiful flowers blooming on mountains and hills, making a lovely scene for hikers going past. 

Here are some great hiking destinations to explore:

Take Up Gardening

woman and girl gardening

Gardening is a great springtime activity for people of all ages. Taking up this healthy hobby can burn calories, strengthen our immune systems, relieve stress, and improve our moods. There are also social benefits, as friends and family members can start a garden together and spend quality time nurturing plants. You don’t even need a big backyard to get started. Many gardens are grown in smaller containers on patios and small spaces. 

For those who are passionate about gardening, it may be worthwhile to explore community gardens in the area that can take your hobby to the next level! These collaborative gardens are cultivated or gardened by a group of people individually or collectively. Land is usually divided into individual plots with gardeners taking responsibility for their own spaces. 

Here are a few examples of community gardens in the area:

Visit a Local Farmers Market

a man and woman at a farmers market

The Spring season is a great time of year to visit local farmers markets. Full of fruits and vegetables grown at the peak of the season, farmers markets provide fresh food that is typically grown near where you live. These markets also feature great sources of protein like farm-raised meats, quality seafood, and farm-fresh eggs. Kids love walking around at markets, tasting samples of fruit, and listening to live music as they stroll around. 

Here are some great farmers markets in the LA area:


As you can see, there are so many fun ways to enjoy the Spring season. Making some time to get outdoors can boost both our physical and mental health in many amazing ways. Taking the time to go for a hike, plan a picnic, visit a farmers market, or start gardening can also help us socialize with others and engage more deeply with our local communities and green spaces. So make the most of this beautiful time of year and explore the outdoors with your loved ones whenever you can!