Completing An End of Year Health Checklist

It may be hard to believe, but 2021 is already coming to an end. For those of us looking to improve upon our health, there is still some time left to tackle a few things we may not have had the time for during the year. This may include lifestyle changes, health-centered tasks, or even new year’s resolutions you made back in January. 

Making an end-of-the-year health checklist can be a great way to bring your health and wellness back into focus as the year comes to an end. This is a great time to review how much you prioritized your well-being in the last year and think about potential health goals you may want to set for 2022. 

So what are some good things to put on your end-of-the-year health checklist? We wanted to highlight some important tasks you may want to tackle before 2022 starts. Keep reading to learn more! 

Schedule an Annual Exam

Now is a great time to think about getting an annual exam or health screening if you haven’t had the time to do so earlier in the year. Doing so can help screen for potential red flags that may have developed in the last twelve months and go a long way in helping prevent more serious health problems from going undetected. 

Your doctor can screen for potential problems and take the time to administer preventative care techniques to keep you in good health. For people with chronic illnesses, getting a check-up now can help monitor key health metrics such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol. This can prove to be very useful during the holiday season when unhealthy eating habits can spike and physical activity levels tend to drop. 

Review Health Benefits 

There may be some benefits left in your health plan that can be taken advantage of before the year comes to an end. If you’ve already met your deductible, this is a great time to schedule any procedures that you’ve been wanting to cross off your list. It can also be a good idea to order any prescription drugs that are needed while your deductible has been reached. 

If you have a flexible savings account (FSA), any unused funds will be lost once the year ends. If you haven’t already, make sure to use those dollars before 2021 comes to a close to avoid losing those funds. There are many good ways to use FSA funds by scheduling a chiropractor visit, getting acupuncture, or even purchasing some new contact lenses. 

Use Leftover Vacation Time

You may be surprised to learn that most American’s don’t use all of their vacation days throughout the year. If you haven’t used up all of yours, this might be a great time to schedule a getaway. Even if you don’t go anywhere, taking some time off to recharge and relax can be a great way to boost your mental well-being and reduce stress levels. Doing so can free up time to go for a hike, meditate, do some yoga, or spend valuable time with loved ones. 

Identify Bad Habits

Most people tend to develop both good and bad habits as time goes on. With 2021 coming to an end, now is a great time to identify any habitual red flags that may be harming your health. For example, have you been watching more television and skipping your exercise routine more often? 

Perhaps your diet has slowly gotten worse as certain processed foods snuck into your pantry month after month. Knowing what areas you need to work in can be very helpful in setting goals for the future. By working to identify bad habits now, you’ll be off to a strong start once 2022 comes around! 


As you can see, there are many benefits to an end-of-the-year health checklist. Going through and auditing your well-being can bring lots of advantages to your mind and body before the start of a new year. 

Be sure to schedule any annual exams that may still be outstanding and take advantage of any remaining FSA funds before the year ends. Now is also an ideal time to identify bad habits that may have formed over the year and start thinking about ways to get back on track in 2022.